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Who are your Liquidity Providers?
Esta aggregates liquidity from 20 tier-1 banks and ECNs to provide the best quotes from the inter-bank market for you to trade on.

Are you an ECN/STP broker or Market Marker?
We are a pure ECN broker with direct liquidity connection to twenty major liquidity providers. Clients receive raw spread directly from our LPs and all trades are to our LPs.

What are your margin requirements?
Margin required for a trade depends upon the trade that you enter into- its size, price and the leverage that you avail.

Calculation formula
Margin = current price x trading volume / leverage

How much leverage do you offer?
The 500X is the maximum which is proportionately applied to the exotic, minor and major currency pair. For example; let's say your account holds 500X leverage. In this case, your maximum leverage for different instruments will be as such;

1. Commodities- 500X
2. Indices- 500X
3. Major currency pairs- 500X
4. Minor currency pairs- 300X
5. Exotic currency pairs- 200X to 50X depending upon the pair
6. Cryptocurrencies- 5X

How to open a Live account?
To open a Live/Demo account register here.
Once you finish Step 1, you’ll be required to validate your email with the code sent to your email. Once you finish this step, follow the instructions and create a Demo or Live account.

What are the documents required to open an individual account?
Documents required to open an account with us are:

One Form of Government Issued Photo ID – Examples include a passport, driver`s license, or a non-driver`s ID.
Proof of Residential Address represented on the account application – Examples include a utility bill, telephone bill, bank or credit statement (PO Boxes are not acceptable).

What are the documents required to open an corporate account?
Unexpired government-issued ID with photo of the authorized individual.
Proof of address dated within three months of the authorized individual, such as a utility bill (except mobile phone bill) or bank statement showing name and current address (P.O. boxes are not acceptable).
Corporate documents, including (a) Certificate of Incorporation and (b) Articles of Organization for the Corporation indicating the authorized director(s) of the corporate entity
Proof of address dated within three months of company premises, such as a utility bill (except mobile phone bill) or bank statement showing name and current address (P.O. boxes are not acceptable).

What is your GMT offset?
Our GMT offset is 00:00

What are your standard trading hours for currencies?
Esta trading server time and charts are GMT+3 during daylight saving time and GMT+2 when daylight saving time ends. All of our FX currency pairs trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week with a break for 5 minutes every day between 23:55 – 00:00. The market opens at 00:00 and closes at 23:55 as per the server time.

What time does Rollover occur?
Esta rollover occurs at 23:55 GMT +3

In which base currencies can I open an account?
You can open an account with three base currencies in MT4 – USD, GBP and EUR

What is the minimum deposit amount required to open a trading account?
The minimum deposit amount for both ECN and STP accounts is $10.

Is Scalping and Hedging allowed?
Yes, we are a hedging and scalping friendly broker.

Do you have a Dealing Desk?
No, we do not have a dealing desk. We are an ECN and STP broker and we directly pass on your trades to our liquidity providers.

If I am experiencing problems trading can I place an order over the phone?
Yes, you can place an order over the phone/Live chat, if you are experiencing problems trading.

Will I receive a account statements?
Yes, account statement is automatically sent to clients at the end of their trading day.

Can I generate my own account statements?
Yes, you can generate your own statements by going to History tab in Terminal window.

Are there any inactivity fees?
No, we do not charge any inactivity fees.

Are Demo Accounts the same as Live Accounts?
Both Demo and Live accounts are same. You trade in real market conditions. The only difference between the two, is that in the Demo account you do not use real money.

What is the minimum and maximum size trade allowed?
The minimum size trade allowed is a Micro Lot – A Lot size of 0.01 which is equivalent to 1000 units of base currency and the maximum size that we allow is 100 lots.

Can I access my trading account from different computers at the same time?
Yes you can access your trading account from different computers.

Do you accept US Clients?
Yes, we accept clients from all over the world including US.

Do your trading platforms have guaranteed stop/loss?
Unfortunately, our trading platforms do not offer guaranteed stop/loss.

Commissions & Spreads

How much commission do you charge?
Our commission is $1 per lot for Pure ECN accounts.

When will the commission be deducted from my account?
Commission will be deducted when the position is opened.

Are your spreads fixed or variable?
We offer variable spreads.

What is the average spreads that you offer?
We offer True ECN spreads on the forex instruments, which means we receive and provide you raw spread with no markup. The spread in EURUSD can go as low as 0.0 pips and the average spread is 0.2 pips.

Where can I find the information on SWAP charges?
You can open a demo account and check the SWAPS for each currency.

In MT4
 Click ‘View’ along the top menu
 Select ‘Symbols
 Select which currency pair you want to see the swaps for, and click ‘Properties’
 You can now see the long and short swap rates in the pop-up window

When will I receive a margin call & when will my positions get closed out?
Our margin call and stop out levels are 70% and 50% respectively.

How long can I hold my positions?
You can hold your positions as long as you want, provided there is enough margin in your account to keep your trades safe from any negative movements in the market.

Why did my position close out when the candle never got there?
This is usually because the charts only show bid price and not historical ask prices. Please call your point of contact for explanation.

Bonus Offerings

What is the minimum deposit amount required to claim the deposit bonus?
To request for the bonus, you can start with as low as $100. You will get a 150% bonus on anything up to $50000. Anything you deposit will double in equity that you can use as margin and trade more than you usually would.

Can I trade on the bonus?
You can trade on the bonus as additional margin. However, you can’t lose the bonus amount. The system would stop out your positions once your account near to losing bonus amount.

Can I withdraw the bonus?
Yes. You can withdraw the bonus, provided you meet the volume conditions and you have an ECN account.. A simple way to calculate the volume required for withdrawal of bonus is to divide the bonus amount by 2. That is the approximate number of lots you need to trade to withdraw bonus. However, if you don’t meet the volume conditions, you can withdraw your entire profit and initial deposit at any time.

How can I avail the bonus offerings?
You can log into your member area and request for the bonus or you can speak to one of our chat representatives and request for the bonus.

Deposits & Withdrawals

How can I deposit funds to my account?
You can deposit funds in your trading account using a wide range of payment methods including cryptocurrencies (inluding Stable Coins) and bank wire transfer.

Do I earn interest on funds deposited into my live trading account?
No, you do not earn interest on funds deposited in your live account.

How can I request a withdrawal?
You can request for withdrawal by logging into your member area.

How much time it takes to process the withdrawals?
Withdrawals are processed by us in maximum 48 hours.

What are your are withdrawal conditions?
We don’t have any restrictions on withdrawals. You have complete discretion on the funds and can withdraw the funds whenever you want.

Regarding the mode of withdrawals:
The principal amount shall get credited to the respective gateway by which you made the initial deposit.
The excess amount or the profit can be credited to the different payment gateways on your request.
You shall withdraw the amount in the same currency in which you made your deposits originally.

How are my funds held with you?
All your funds are kept in Cold storage wallets with no online linkage & our private keys are never linked online & are secured in offline devices. Thus, there is no risk of losing your funds as they are kept separately in cold wallets. Moreover, cold wallets with the client’s funds are segregated from company accounts and all data transfer between user and Crypto solution is encrypted in all layers of the system. The system encryption is structured to defeat any attempt of tampering, making it impossible for a third party to decipher.

Are there fees for withdrawing funds from my account?
No, there are no fees for withdrawing funds from your account.

What is the minimum & maximum to deposit?
There is no restriction on maximum amount; you can start trading with as much maximum amount as you want. However, the minimum amount to start trading is $10.

Can I have multiple accounts and transfer funds between accounts?
Yes, you can have multiple accounts and can transfer funds between those accounts at any time, provided all the positions in the account you are asking transfer from are closed. If you are transferring to another account in a different currency, your funds will be converted at current exchange rate.


How do I obtain information to assist with my tax return?
Unfortunately, we wont’t be able to help you with your tax returns. You’ll have to take care of that yourself.

How can I make changes in my account information?
You should be able to make most of the changes from the member area itself. In case, you are unable to do so, email the change request to

How do I make a complaint?
You can make a complaint by emailing us at

How do I close my account?
You can place request from your member login or you can mail us at to close your account.

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